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File on The Camahueto

Name of myth: The Camahueto.

Description: it looks like a calf covered in shiny, short fur. Its main feature is a golden horn that grows on its forehead. This horn has magic powers.

Region: rivers, lagoons and the sea around the Chiloe archipelago (Region of los Lagos), made up by the Greater Island of Chiloe and 40 other islands and islets.

Powers: this being destroys everything in its path when it goes on a mad dash from the hillsides to the sea. It is so strong that the tracks it leaves behind with its horn can turn into streams. Its horn also has healing properties.

Origin: it is said that it is born from a piece of the horn from another camahueto that is buried. It lives among rivers and swampy lagoons for 25 years before going on its frantic run towards the sea.

Moral or lesson: the common man cannot fight against the forces of nature. This creature is an attempt to explain landslides and the formation of rivers and streams.