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What you must know about of the foreigners in our country.

The foreigners that had a noteworthy participation in our country.

In chapter fourteen of our collection he have gotten to know the foreigners that had a noteworthy participation in our country.


– Andres Bello worked for the government for many years. In addition, he was the first chancellor of the Universidad de Chile.
– Ignacio Domeyko, in addition to working as a professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy, carried out several explorations throughout the country, describing its geological structures.
– Federico Johow was a professor of Natural Sciences and at the same time he was director of the recently created Pedagogical Institute (1889).


– Italian painter Alejandro Cicarelli founded and headed up the Academy of Painting and Sculpture of Santiago.
– During the 11 years he lived in Chile, Juan Mauricio Rugendas devoted himself to painting water colors and oils of landscapes and inhabitants of our land.
– In Chile, English sailor Thomas Somerscales taught English, Math, Geograph and Drawing, and earned his reputation as a painter of naval motifs.


– North American Henry Meiggs was a businessman that was successful in the construction of railways in Chile and Peru.
– John Thomas North became the owner of the best saltpeter works and was in control of the exploitation of this nitrate in the province of Tarapaca.
– Italian Anacleto Angelini was one of the most important businessmen Chile has had. His fortune has been estimated in some 6,000 million dollars.