Séptimo Básico


Its northeast border is with Guatemala, with El Salvador in the west, with Nicaragua in the southeast, and with the Caribbean Sea in the northeast. Its climate varies between warm and temperate.


Centennial and Bicentennial of Chile

Faced with the absence of the president and vice-president of the nation, the Centennial festivities were presided over by the top authority figure of the Republic, Emiliano Figueroa Larrain, who, in 1910, had been the minister of Justice and Public Instruction for a year.


Independent governments

After three straight radical rulers and the logical wearing down of the governing coalition, citizens demanded a change in the countrys administration. Two presidents followed that declared being politically autonomous before reaching power.


Eliodoro Yañez

He was one of the most outstanding figures of the liberal party and founder of La Nacion newspaper.


A new stage

Starting in 1925, the presidential era was commencing. Under the wing of new policies, a period of time started in which the Executive power was becoming the protagonist of the political scene.


Juana Fernandez Solar

From a young age, the first Chilean saint showed her enormous love of God, making whatever sacrifices were necessary to reach glory.

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