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He was born on April 1st of 1801 near Berlin, city which, at that time, belonged to the kingdom of Prussia. He studied in the university to be a pharmacist and actively participated in politics, being chosen as a member of the Dieta Prusiana (name given to Congress) in 1847, and the following year he was named as a member of the Asamblea Provincial de Prusia (Provincial Assembly of Prussia). In addition, he got involved in the revolution of 1848, which was later neutralized by the government, making him go on exile.

He decided to immigrate to Chile along with his family, after speaking with the pioneers of the German colonization in our country, Karl A. Simon, Franz Kindermann and Bernardo A. Philippi.

He arrived in 1850 to the Teja island (in Valdivia), where after establishing himself, he decided to retake his profession as a pharmacist, reason why he requested to the Universidad de Chile the revalidation of his title and a permit to open a drugstore.

Later, he established a great brewery, achieving an important peak in this industry in the country. In 1870, his company had more than 50 workers and produced almost 700 thousand liters of beer a year.

In addition, he collaborated in the foundation of the Club Aleman (German Club), the Club Musical de Canto (The Musical Club of Singing), the Compañía de Bomberos (The Fire Department) and the colegio Alemán de Valdivia German School of Valdivia), being the chancellor of the latter for many years.

This spirit projected en the scientific study: recognized and classified deviser species of the flora of the region.

Died in this southern town in 1889.

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