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Our body is a true machine that is functioning all day in order to keep us healthy. Millions of activities are performed inside of it, from neuronal synapses to the passage of food through the digestive tube, hormonal and enzyme action, blood circulation, pulmonary ventilation, among others. We refer to unending and incredible actions that manage to keep us alive and growing. But, in the same way this machine doesn’t stop working, it continuously produces waste it doesn’t need and must be eliminated.

Or else, it would alter the body’s balance and could generate some deterioration at a tissue or organ level. In order to fulfill the mission of excretion (waste elimination) we have a series of mechanisms. This way, we sweat to eliminate certain salts and minerals, we expulse carbon dioxide through respiration, the urinary apparatus is in charge of producing and evacuating urine (micturition) and the last portion of the digestive tube drives the feces to the outside (defecation). Efficient processes we constantly perform and involve the functioning of a series of structures and organs.

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