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– Name of myth: Makemake.

– Description: In Rapa Nui mythology, Makemake, a Polynesian god, is the creator of the world and mankind. Having displaced Haua and Tangaroa, Makemake was associated with fertility.

– Zone: Rapa Nui is a Polynesian island located in the South Pacific. Situated 3,700km off the coast of Chile, Easter Island is administered by Chile and governed as a province of the Valparaiso Region.

– Makemake’s Powers: one day Makemake decided to take his own reflection and join it to that of a bird; thus came about his first born. Later, he fertilized a hole in a rock containing red clay from which man sprung forth. Soon after, he fertilized one of man’s ribs and created woman.

– Moral of the story: Soon after creating man, Makemake came to understand the harmful effects of solitude and that it would be difficult to live on the earth on his own. For this reason, he created woman, the pillar of man’s life.

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