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– Description: the Aku-Aku are devils that look like skeletons and they were discovered on a hot summer afternoon in Rapa Nui, when they took off their clothes for sleeping. Young Takuihu went by right where they were sleeping, and astonished, saw that the bodies had no flesh and that they were just skeletons.

– Region: Rapa Nui is located in Polynesia in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is 3,700 km from continental Chile, the country to which it belongs.  Administratively, it’s considered part of the Isla de Pascua province (Region of Valparaiso).

– Origin: it is said that the Aku-Aku were born as humans that broke taboos (tapu). When they died, they turned into evil and mischievous devils that wander until their second death between world of shadows (po) and men.