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– Name of myth: The Pincoya.

– Description: she is a strikingly beautiful mermaid or nymph. She has long, blond hair and her charm and kindness are one-of-a-kind. She rises from the depths of the sea wearing nothing but seaweed and dances on the beach. She is married to the Pincoy.

Area: Huelde lagoon, in Cucao, 50 km southeast of Castro, on the Greater Island of Chiloe.

Powers: she protects the sea, fertilizes fish and shellfish and rescues shipwreck survivors.

– Family: she is the daughter of the Millalobo, king of the sea, and the Huenchula, a woman who lives with the Millalobo. She abandoned her family after falling in love with him.

– Moral or lesson: since the Pincoya is willing to generously provide fishermen with the bounty of the ocean, as a token of appreciation, they have to be mindful of marine flora and fauna, protect the environment and always have a positive attitude.

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