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1.- Consulates are:

a) financial representatives of a country overseas
b) cooperation forums between two countries
c) representatives of one country’s government for another country’s government.
d) a country’s administrative offi ces abroad, which allow for different procedures and errands to be performed.

Correct response: d

2.- Who is the Chilean that holds the position of secretary general of the Organization of American States?

a) Heraldo Muñoz
b) Ricardo Lagos
c) Jose Miguel Insulza
d) Juan Gabriel Valdes

Correct response: c

3.- Chile leads the world in the production of:

a) gold
b) wheat
c) copper
d) wood

Correct response: c

4.- Which Chilean World Heritage Site was included on the “endangered” list because of its state of conservation?

a) Valparaiso’s historical district
b) Humberstone and Santa Laura saltpeter works
c) Sewell mining camp
d) the churches of Chiloe

Correct response: b