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1. Which is the capital of the Antartica Chilena (Chilean Antarctica) province?

a) Tierra del Fuego
b) Coihaique
c) Puerto Williams
d) Villa Las Estrellas

Correct response: c

2. Which is the most important economic activity in the region?

a) Forestry
b) Sheep farming
c) Oil extraction
d) Fishing

Correct response: b

3. In the submarine environment of the region of Magallanes there are:

a) Blue whales, sharks and krill
b) Albatrosses, krill and flamingoes
c) Blue whales and krill
d) Blue whales, black-necked swans and sharks

Correct response: c

4. In which State protected site have ancient archeological remains been found?

a) The Puerto Natales Pucara
b) Fort Bulnes
c) Pali Aike National Park
d) Laguna de los Cisnes Natural Monument

Correct response: c

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