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1.- What is the capital of the province of Chiloe?

a) Chaiten
b) Castro
c) Chiloe
d) Palena

Correct response: b

2.- How many waterfalls does the Petrohue river have?

a) Seven
b) Five
c) Ten
d) Three

Correct response: a

3.- Which National Park found in this region was the first one created in our country?

a) Chiloe National Park
b) Las Palmas de Cocalan National Park
c) Puyehue National Park
d) Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

Correct response: d

4.- In which spot of the region of Los Lagos are the Semanas Musicales (Music Weeks) held?

a) Puerto Montt
b) Puerto Varas
c) Osorno
d) Frutillar

Correct response: d

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