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1.- How many coup d’états did Jose Miguel Carrera lead?

a) Two: one in 1810 and another in 1812
b) Three: two in 1811 and one in 1814
c) One: September of 1811
d) Three: one in 1811 and two in 1812

Correct response: c

2.-Was Manuel Baquedano victorious after being named general in chief of the army?

a) Battles of Tacna, Chorrillos and Miraflores
b) Battles of Mirafl ores, Los Angeles and Loncomilla
c) Battles of Loncomilla, Yungay and Miraflores.
d) Battles of Los Angeles, Chorrillos and Tacna.

Correct response: a

3.- Which mapuche was awarded the rank of captain after his heroics in the Pacific War?

a) Caupolican
b) Venancio Coñoepan
c) Lautaro
d) Juan Lorenzo Colipi

Correct response: d

4.- In which naval battle did Carlos Condell deal a hard blow to the Peruvian fleet, causing the loss of fragate Independencia?

a) Naval battle of Papudo
b) Naval battle of Punta Gruesa
c) Naval battle of Iquique
d) Naval battle of Abtao

Correct response: d