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1.- How many provinces does the region of Araucania have?

a) Four
b) Three
c) Six
d) Two

Correct response: d

2.- Which is this region’s highest peak?

a) Quetrupillan volcano
b) Lanin volcano
c) Lonquimay volcano
d) Llaima volcano

Correct response: b

3.- Which National Reserve located in this region was the first one created in our country?

a) Malleco National Reserve
b) Villarrica National Reserve
c) Alto Biobio National Reserve
d) Malalcahuello National Reserve

Correct response: a

4.- In what year was the Malleco viaduct declared a National Monument?

a) 1991
b) 1993
c) 1992
d) 1990

Correct response: d