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1.- Who was king of Spain in 1810?

a) Charles V
b) Ferdinand VII
c) Luis XV
d) Phillip II

Correct response: b

2.- Which battle did NOT belong to Chile’s Independence period?

a) Battle of Yerbas Buenas
b) Battle of Maipu
c) Battle of Punta Arenas
d) Battle of Chacabuco

Correct response: c

3.- In what year and who commanded the expedition that incorporated Chiloe to the national territory?

a) José Miguel Carrera (1820)
b) José de San Martín (1826)
c) Manuel Blanco Encalada (1824)
d) Ramón Freire (1826)

Correct response: d

4.- Which were the political groups that existed in the Organization period?

a) Pelucones, o’higginists, pipiolos, estanqueros, federalists, liberals
b) Pelucones, o’higginists, carreristas, pipiolos, estanqueros, federalists
c) Pelucones, pipiolos, communists, federalists, liberals, o’higginists
d) Pelucones, o’higginists, aristocrats, pipiolos, estanqueros, federalists

Correct response: a

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