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Tendons have an important role in many different movements because they keep muscle and bone together. They are specialized extensions of muscles made up of connective tissue. They form a strong, inelastic cord with few nerve endings.

Since they are inactive tissues, they have little blood irrigation. There are tendons near the surface of the body, like at the knees, and deeper tendons, like the ones at the bottom of the feet or in the palms of our hands. However, at the wrists and ankles, tendons and wrapped in a sheath, which serves as insulation, protection and lubrication in order to prevent any injury or friction.

Ligaments are a type of connective tissue that connects the bones that form a joint and keep them in place. There are also ligaments in the abdomen, which support organs like the liver and uterus. They are formed by a white and tough protein called collagen, and another yellow, more elastic protein known as elastin.

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