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Administrative organization and biogeography

  • The region of the Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins is split into three provinces: Cachapoal, Cardenal Caro and Colchagua. It has a total of 33 comunas (counties).
  • A few comunas (counties) of the Colchagua province are Peralillo, Palmilla, Nancagua, Lolol and Chepica, among others.
  • The protected wild area found in the region are Palmas de Cocalan National Park and Rio de los Cipreses National Reserve.

Regional economy

  • Agriculture, and mainly the cultivation of fruit are some of the most important primary activities that take place in the region.
  • Besides copper and molybdenum, silver and gold are also extracted from the El Teniente mine.
  • This zone’s export products are shipped from other regions, because there are no ports here.

Tourist attractions

  • Pichilemu is nationally known as the surf capital.
  • The most important rodeo event held in the city of Rancagua is the Champion de Chile.
  • Chimbarongo is renowned for its whicker handicrafts.

«Authorized for publishing by Resolution Nº190 from June 12th 2008 by the National Office of State Borders and Boundaries. The publication and circulation of the maps that refer or are related to Chile’s boundaries and borders do not make a commitment on the part of the State of Chile, in accordance with Art. 2º, letter g) of the DFL (decree) Nº83 from 1979 by the Ministry of Foreign Relations».