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In chapter 12 of this collection you’ve gotten to know the life and work of a few characters we have catalogued as trailblazers of the Nation.

Conservative politicians

– Diego Portales was a politician, a businessman and a minister of the State, becoming one of the fundamental figures of the political organization of Chile.
– Manuel Antonio Tocornal, prestigious lawyer and politician, was on of the founders of the Conservative party.

Carlos Walker Martinez was a conservative caudillo that devoted his life to politics as a member of parliament and minister.

Liberal politicians

– Jose Victorino Lastarria was one of the most important Chilean liberal thinkers of the XIX century.
– Valentin Letelier was an outstanding intellectual, and his major contribution was helping to renovate the public education system.
– Eliodoro Yañez, brilliant jurist, politician and journalist. He founded La Nacion newspaper.

Educators and priests

– Claudio Matte was a noted educator and philanthropist and he created the first national syllabary.
– Enrique Molina, prolific teacher and philosopher. He was the first chancellor of the Universidad de Concepcion and a renowned literature man.
– Raul Silva Henriquez and Carlos Oviedo were named cardinal in 1962 and 1994, respectively.