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The City of Caesars

– It is an enchanted city that supposedly exists in the southern part of the country, among the Andes mountains, next to a lake. It has luxurious temples and palaces, countless avenues, towers and forts made of gold and silver. If any traveler looks for the city, they’ll have a hard time, because it becomes covered in a thick fog.

1. Where is the City of Caesars allegedly located?
2. What happens if someone tries to find the city?

Patagonia: Chile’s southern charm

– The Region of Aisen is administratively split into four provinces: Aisen, Coihaique (regional capital), General Carrera and Capitan Prat. It has a surface area of 108,494.4 km2 and 91,492 inhabitants, making it the least populated region in the country representing only 0.6% of the national total.
– The Region of Magallanes y de la Antartica Chilena has a surface area of 132,291.1 km2, which equals 17.5% of the national surface area, without counting Chilean Antarctic Territory, which has a surface area of 1,250,000 km2.

1. How many provinces is the Region of Aisen split into?
2. What is the surface area of Chilean Antarctic Territory?

Gathering cultures and bumpy relief

– The cultures that first lived in this area were the kaweshkar, the selk’nam, the aonikenk and the yamanas.
– From the Region of Aisen down, the Andes mountains are called Patagonian Andes.
– In the Region of Magallanes y de la Antartica Chilena, the Andes mountains are the most important form of relief.

1. Which were the most important cultures of Chilean Patagonia?
2. What are the Andes mountains called in this region?