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The Basilisco

– It is a creature that is half rooster, half snake. It is born from a small, round, white-grayish egg. It hides inside a house and at night, it lets out a hypnotizing song that keeps people asleep while it sucks their saliva. Due to its attacks, people stop eating, get sick and eventually die.

Chiloe archipelago

– Chiloe belongs to the province of the same name, located in the Region of Los Lagos. Its administrative capital is Castro and it is split into 10 comunas: Ancud, Dalcahue, Castro, Curaco de Velez, Quinchao, Puqueldon, Chonchi, Queilen, Quellon and Quemchi.
– This archipelago is made up by the Greater Island of Chiloe and 40 other islands and islets. There are 23 islands considered important due to their surface area and population. In addition, there are nearly twice as many islets in the area, all of which are inhabited. 

Physical and human geography

The Chiloe archipelago mainly presents the eroded relief of the Coastal mountain range all along its coastline. This mountainous chain rises no higher than one thousand meters.
– There are two types of climate in Chiloe: temperate rainy with Mediterranean influence and cold, temperate, east coast climate with maximum winter precipitation.
– According to the 2002 Census, the total population of the Province of Chiloe is 154,766 people.