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Administrative Division and relief

– The region of los Rios is split into two provinces: Valdivia and Ranco.

– According to the 2002 Census, the inhabitants of the Region of los Rios amounts to 356,396, this equals 2.36% of the total population of Chile.

– The Alerce Costero Natural Monument is found in the province of Ranco, in the comuna (county) of La Union. It has 2,308 hectares and is home to a forest of millenary alerces (Patagonian cypresses).


– The most important economic activities of the region of los Rios related to silviculture, agriculture and livestock; the service industry and tourism.

– This zone is made up of 659,415.31 hectares of surface area apt for forest exploitation. The activity carried out by the forest industry provides 3% of the national Gross Domestic Product.

Tourist attractions

– San Pedro de Alcantara, de La Pura y Limpia Concepcion de Monfort de Lemus, San Luis de Alba de Cruces and San Jose de Alcudia castles were built in colonial times.

– The Calle Calle, Valdivia and Bueno rivers are navigable. The last one is also apt for swimming in the Rio Bueno area.

– The architecture of La Union is one of its attractions. Other attractions are its old church made out of native wood and the residences that belonged to the zone’s great industrial tycoons.

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