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International treaties

– To this day, Chile has signed nine Free Trade Agreements with the following countries or zones: Panama, Japan, the EFTA, Central America, China, the U.S.A., South Korea, Mexico and Canada.

– The Antarctic Treaty signed by thirteen countries on December 1st, 1959, established that this place was to be used for peace missions, especially scientific research.

– On December 29th, 1997, Chile and Argentina signed the Treaty for Mining Integration and Complementation, which allows the exploitation of gold, copper and silver deposits at border locations.

International agreements

– Chile has signed Economic Complementary Agreements (ECA) with Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, the Mercosur and Peru.

– In 2008, Chile signed a Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement with India that allows the definition of areas for collaboration in research, development and innovation.

– The Cooperation Agreement on Illegal Trafficking of Drugs and Crime between Chile and Israel (1995) established an exchange between police forces.

Conventions and protocols

– The Inter-American Convention on Serving Criminal Sentences Abroad (1993) signed by Chile established that in order for a prisoner to be transferred, the severity of the crime had to be taken into consideration.

– The Montreal Protocol (1987) is designed to control and regulate the production, consumption and trading of substances considered responsible for damaging the ozone layer.