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Government of Jose Manuel Balmaceda

– During his government, the Ministry of Public Works was created (1887).
– In education, Balmaceda introduced important changes. A few of them were: German influence in the Chilean educational system, a concentric system of learning and the foundation of the Instituto Pedagogico (Pedagogical Institute).
– After the defeat of his sympathizers at the battle of Concon, Balmaceda handed command over to general Manuel Baquedano. He then took asylum in the Legacion Argentina, where he took his own life (September 18th, 1891).

Governments of Jorge Montt, Errazuriz and Riesco

– The laws regarding the Comuna Autonoma (Autonomous Country) and the Electoral System were promulgated during Jorge Montt’s government.
– One of Errazuriz’ greatest problems.
– The so called social issue acquired critical importance during Riesco’s presidency.

Governments of Pedro Montt, Barros Luco, Sanfuentes and Alessandri.

– Chile’s centennial was celebrated during Pedro Montt’s government.
– In May of 1915, the ABC pact was signed between Argentina, Brazil and Chile, which ensured a peaceful solution to any problems that might come up among these three countries.
– Sanfuentes invested 10 million pesos in the erection of public schools.
– At the end of Alessandri’s government, the new Constitution of the Republic of Chile was promulgated.