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In the second chapter of our collection we have gotten to know everything about the human skeleton and its main component: the bones. To make sure what and how much you have learned of this chapter we recommend you go over the tips and summaries.


Bone composition:

– The bone is an organ made up of multiple types of tissue.
– Bones are divided into long, short, flat and irregular.
– Calcium is their main component, which not only grants it strength and hardness, but is also fundamental in order to protect other processes, like producing new blood cells.

Parts of the skeleton and joints:

– For the study of the skeleton it is divided into two parts: axial and appendicular.
– The axial skeleton is made up of the cranium, spine and ribs.
– The appendicular skeleton is made up of the upper and lower limbs, the bones of the shoulders and the pelvis.
– A joint is the junction of the bones and may be mobile, semi-mobile or set.

Fractures and Osseous diseases:

– Fractures are the partial or total break of a bone.
– With time, bones start to get sick for different reasons.
– Osteoporosis is one of the most common osseous diseases of old age.