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In the first chapter of our collection we have gotten to know the main civilizations that inhabited America and Chile in pre-Hispanic times.

Mayas and Aztecs

– The Mesoamerican region was made up by a large part of Mexico and certain zones of Central America.
– The Mayan culture is considered the most advanced of the Mesoamerican region because they had an independent development and a high degree of technological, scientific and artistic evolution.
– The Aztecs inhabited the islets west of lake Texcoco. They erected their capital here, the city of Tenochtitlan (1325).

Incan central Andes

– Pre-Columbian cultures such as the Chavin, Parakas, Moche, Tiwanaku, Chimu and Incas, among others, developed in the central Andes (some areas of present-day countries like Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile) as of the year 1000 b.C.
– The Incas extended a powerful empire from the sacred city of Cuzco, which controlled the south of pre-Hispanic America almost completely. 

Chilean pre-Hispanic civilizations

– The periods in which the history of the first civilizations that inhabited the present-day territory of Chile are divided into are: Paleo-Indian, Archaic and Agri-pottery periods.
– A few of the main cultures that inhabited the north of Chile were: Chinchorro and Diaguita.
– The Llolleo, El Bato and Aconcagua civilizations lived in central Chile, while the Pitren and El Vergel cultures did so in the south.