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8° Básico

Physical geography, zone of coasts

In the regions northern part are located the transversal valleys (that are also in the Region of Atacama) and in the southern area they tighten leaving only some in the coastal plains and in the Coastal ranges.

Littoral or coastal plains: are narrow in the whole zone, since they do not overpass the 15 km wide. In Valparaiso, these plains ate located in a flat surface, with small hills. In other sectors, southbound, there are some particularities such as cliffs and water deposits ( for example, the Marga Marga marsh).

Coastal Ranges: in the northern zone it is united to the Andes Ranges by the transversal valleys and southwards the Aconcagua River takes some peculiar characteristics, reaching the most important heights at the El Roble and La Campana hills, which hardly exceed the 2000 masl.-

Transversal valleys: there are found only in the northern part of the region, blending with the Coastal and Andes Ranges.

Intermediate depression: it begins southwards the Aconcagua river, between the Coastal and Andes Ranges.

The Andes Ranges: it is present in a continuous fashion, between the 5.000 and 6.000 masl. The greatest heights are the Juncal hills (6.110 masl) and the Alto Los Leones (5.400 masl).