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The Caleuche

– It is a ghost ship crewed by warlocks. It sails the southern seas of our country. If a ship chooses to chase after the Caluche, it will be turned into a rock, a tree trunk or even a piece of seaweed. It is also unwise to try and get to know its secrets, because whoever stops to recklessly watch the ship is in serious danger of getting punished: they might be stricken with deformities such as a crooked mouth, a face that faces their backs or even worse, sudden death.

1. Where does the Caleuche sail?
2. What happens when someone stares at the Caleuche?

The first inhabitants of Chiloe

– The huilliches were the first aboriginal culture to reach the northern and central part of this island. Their economy was based on agriculture, cattle farming and gathering fish and shellfish.
– The chonos lived on the southern islands of the archipelago. They were fishermen and shellfish gatherers. Families lived on their sea crafts (dalcas) because they traveled along the archipelago fishing.

1. What was the huilliche economy based on?
2. Where did the chonos live?

History of Chiloe

– In 1553, the Spanish expedition led by captain Francisco de Ulloa were the first to completely cover the entire coast of Chiloe. He is considered the discoverer of the archipelago.
– After years of confrontation, Chileans and Spaniards signed the treaty of Tantauco. It was signed on January 15, 1826 and its fist article stipulated that Chiloe was now part of the Republic of Chile.

1. Who is considered to be the discoverer of Chiloe?
2. Who signed the treaty of Tantauco?