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What you must know about trailblazers of the Nation: Religious men, politicians, Educators and writters

Trailblazers of the Nation: Religious men, politicians, Educators and writters

In chapter eleven of our collection we have gotten to know a few of our country’s trailblazers.

Religious men

– Father Alberto Hurtado founded the Hogar de Cristo in 1944. A charitable institution that provides support to the poor to this day.
– In 1946, Jose Maria Caro was named cardinal by Pope Pius XII. He was the first Chilean to attain this rank.
– Cardinal Juan Francisco Fresno received the visit of the Pope John Paul II in Santiago in 1987.


– Mariano Egaña was one of the authors of he Constitution that was promulgated on May 25th, 1833.
– Christian democrat Jaime Castillo Velasco founded the Chilean Human Rights Commission in 1978, which was in charge of defending human rights causes during the government of Augusto Pinochet.

Writers and Educators

– One of the most important works by Diego Barros Arana was the Historia General de Chile (General History of Chile).
– Francisco Bilbao founded the Society of Equality in 1850, a liberal and revolutionary movement.
– Abdon Cifuentes worked as a teacher at the San Luis School, the Instituto Nacional (National Institute) and at the Universidad de Chile and Catolica.