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1.- How many comunas (counties) does the region of Valparaiso have?

a) 31
b) 40
c) 38
d) 39

Correct response: c

2.- What marsh goes through the city of Viña del Mar?

a) Marga Marga
b) Casablanca
c) San Jeronimo
d) Yali

Correct response: a

3.- Which marine bird is the most common one in the Cachagua Island Natural Monument?

a) Olivaceous cormorant
b) Humboldt penguin
c) Dominican gull
d) Blackish oystercatcher

Correct response: b

4.- Which is the most popular beach town in the province of San Antonio?

a) Reñaca
b) Las Cruces
c) Quintero
d) Cartagena

Correct response: d

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