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Reproduction is a process in which a spermatozoon and an ovum are united through sexual intercourse. This can happen because both the male and female body are specially adapted for this process.

Both have unique reproductive systems, including organs that specialize in the discharge and conduction of sex cells produced in the organs themselves.

If sexual intercourse takes place close to the moment of ovulation, conception is highly probable. This is because the sperms that were discharged into the vagina begin their upward journey immediately, travelling up the uterus neck until they reach the uterus itself.

The sperms are propelled by the energetic shaking of their tails, although not all of them make it to the end of the trip. Many deteriorate and die from vaginal acidity.

Sexual intercourse

Also called coitus, it is the act of procreation and the most effective way nature has to transfer sperms from a male body to a female body.  It unleashes a series of voluntary and involuntary acts.

The former group includes the conscious desire the couple has to come together physically, while the latter includes all of the processes that get both bodies ready for a successful union.

The man’s penis becomes erect due to the spongy tissue filling-up with blood.  In women, arousal is accompanied by changes in their external genitalia and lubrication of the vagina.

Penetration takes place when the man puts his penis inside of the woman’s vagina.

At that moment, their arousal grows and muscle contractions increase. In men, this causes spermatozoa to move to the urethra.

On their way, they are mixed with seminal fluid (secreted by the prostate and seminal vesicles) in order to form semen.

The man and woman’s heart and respiratory rates go up, as well as their blood pressure.

When they reach the height of their arousal, what’s known as an orgasm takes place (it only lasts a couple of seconds). This is the culmination of sexual intercourse. The man ejaculates (discharges semen) and the woman has a series of muscle contractions in her vagina. After that part, both male and female organs relax.

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