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In the fifth chapter of our collection we have known the governments that took place during the period denominated as the Conservative Republic. To test what and how much you have learned, we recommend you to review the tips, summaries and answer some verification questions.

Government of Jose Joaquin Prieto

– The discovery of the silver mine Chañarcillo in 1832 allowed to alleviating of the government debt and the building of urban buildings.
– On may 25th of 1833, the new constitution was enacted, which settled the political bases through which Chile was governed for almost 100 years.
– Between the years 1836-1839 the war against the Peru-Bolivian Confederation occurred, which ended with the Chilean victory in the battle of Yungay.

Government of Manuel Bulnes

– During this government, the republican regime was completely consolidated, because Spain recognized the Independence of Chile (1844).
– In 1849, the Academy of Fine Arts, the School of Architecture and the School of Art and Crafts were founded.
– Manuel Bulnes established the Chilean sovereignty on the austral territory, after ordering the construction of the Bulnes Fort in 1843.

Government of Manuel Montt

– One of the most relevant public works that took place during his government was the inauguration, in 1851, of the first railroad of the country, ranging from Caldera to Copiapo.
– The economy grew in the decade of Montt based on the production and exportation of copper. This increasing allowed the construction of basic schools and high schools, as well as buildings such as the National Congress.
– The government of Montt began and ended with opposing revolutions, the first one in 1851 and the second one in 1859.