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Administrative division

– The region of Coquimbo is divided into the provinces of Elqui, Limari and Choapa.
– The presence of transverse ranges that stem from the Andes mountains and reach the Coastal mountain range, forming enclosed valleys, characterizes the regional relief.
– This region has four Protected Wild Areas: Fray Jorge National Park, Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, Las Chinchillas National Reserve and the Pichasca Natural Monument.


– The iron extracted from the region’s deposits is traded from the port of Guayacan.
– Grapes, avocadoes, seafood preserves and frozen foods, among others, are just some of the products exported from this region.

Tourist attractions

– A few of the constructions that stand out tourist-wise in the city of Coquimbo are the Cruz del Tercer Milenio (Third Millennium Cross) and the Mohammed VI Islamic Cultural Center for the Dialogue Between Civilizations, better known as the «mosque of Coquimbo».
– Cerro Tololo, Gemini Sur, La Silla and Las Campanas, among others, are just some of the observatories found in the region of Coquimbo.
– The region’s main religious festivity honors the Virgen de Andacollo.

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