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In the tenth chapter of the Great Encyclopedia of Chile we have gotten to know a few of the boldest and bravest names of our history.

Heroes of the Conquest and Independence

– During the battle of Tucapel, Lautaro defeated the Spanish. After the confrontation, Pedro de Valdivia died.
– Manuel Rodriguez organized distraction maneuvers, producing uprisings at different points of the territory, which confused the royalist troops.
– As of 1817, Bernardo O’Higgins assumed the position of supreme director of the Nation.

Heroes of the Pacific war

– Pedro Lagos was the main protagonist of the taking of the morro de Arica (Arica hill).
– The plan conceived by Juan Williams Rebolledo was to face the Peruvian ships at the cove of Iquique.
– Chilean ships captured monitor Huascar at the battle of Angamos.

Other historical characters

– For nearly 20 years, Cornelio Saavedra led the mission aimed to pacifying and occupying the territories south of the Biobio.
– Sergeant Candelaria Perez stood out for her bravery in the taking of Pan de Azucar, one of the actions of the battle of Yungay.