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Endocrine system

– The endocrine system is a set of organs and tissues within the body. The main components are the endocrine glands, which maintain the body’s internal equilibrium. They release substances called hormones into the bloodstream, which regulate growth, development and bodily functions, as well as sexual reproduction.

What is the endocrine system?
What do endocrine glands release?


Hormones are substances produced and secreted by the endocrine glands and other organs.
They travel through the bloodstream and serve as chemical messengers, controlling and regulating the proper functioning of several internal organs.

What are hormones?
How do hormones act?

Hormonal activity

When hormones have been synthesized, they remain active for a while and are then broken down by the body because their activity must only be temporary. The way they act depends on the chemical structure and type of specific receptor. This is why there are several different varieties of hormones.

What happens after hormones have been synthesized?
What determines the way a hormone acts?