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Axial skeleton

-It is the central core of the human skeleton because it supports the weight of the entire body.
– It is the central axis of the osseous frame and is made up of 69 bones between the cranium, spine and thorax.

What is the axial skeleton?
What is it made up of?

Appendicular skeleton

– It is comprised of the upper and lower limbs, as well as the bones of the shoulders and pelvis. The limbs are structures that perform big movements.
– The appendicular skeleton has 126 bones that correspond to arms, legs, pelvis and scapular waist or shoulders.

What is the appendicular skeleton?
What is it made up of?


They are flexible parts that connect bones. Despite the fact that bones are tough, rigid structures, they can move thanks to joints. There are three kinds:
– Movable: they connect the bones of the limbs with the trunk.
– Semi-movable: joints that allow slight movement, like the motion that takes place between vertebrae.
– Fixed: their function is to protect the internal organs.

What are joints?
What are the three different kinds of joints?