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Central nervous system

* The central nervous system is made up by the encephalon and spinal cord.
* The main par of the encephalon is the brain, which is split into two hemisphere (right and left).
* The other two parts of the encephalon are the brain and the encephalic or cerebral trunk.

Which are the main parts of the encephalon?
How many hemispheres is the brain split into?


* Neurons are nerve cells that have a structure that is split into three parts: cell body or soma, dendrites and axon.
* Each cell receives impulses, processes them and transmits them again thorough electric signals.
* Synapse is the process through which neurons communicate with each other using nerve impulses.

What are neurons?
Which is the process for transmitting nerve impulses?

Spinal cord

* It is a cord of nerves that is born in the cerebral trunk and reaches all the way down to the lumbar region.
* It has a cylindrical shape, a white color and can measure up to 45 cm long.
* It is made up by 31 spinal nerves, which connect it to the rest of the body.

What is the spinal cord and where is it?
What shape does the spinal cord have?
How many nerves make up the spinal cord?