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What you should know about animals with conservation problems around the world

Animals with conservation problems around the world


Extinction of species
– During prolonged periods, extinction was a natural process of disappearance and replacement of species.
– Some meteorological phenomenon such as drought, floods, tornados and hurricanes influence natural animal extinction.
– Among the principal human threats are habitat loss and destruction, the illegal trade and hunting of species and the contamination of natural environments.

Threatened species
– Habitat destruction is the principal cause of extinction of known animals around the world, whether they are mammals, reptiles, fish or amphibians.
– Close to 25% of known mammals are in danger of extinction.
– Amphibians are the group of animals that run the greatest risk of latent extinction.

Conservation initiatives
– Natural spaces such as reserves and parks benefit the species conservation.
– During the Earth Summit the Convention on Biological Diversity was signed.  It is a guide for all countries with respect to biodiversity conservation.
– CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.