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Ecosystems in danger
– The main threat that ecosystems face is the fragmentation and reduction of habitat.
– Priority Wild Areas are known worldwide as zones whose surface covers more than 10,000km2 and which have at least 70% of their vegetation intact.
– Key Marine Areas worldwide correspond to specific sectors where the most important marine ecosystems are located.
– Among the main threats that work against ecosystems are global warming, indiscriminate fishing and contamination.

– A hotspot is a zone where at least 1,500 endemic vascular plant species live, and where 30% or less of the original vegetation has been preserved.
– California Floristic Province, Madrean pine-oak woodlands, Caribbean Islands and Mesoamerica.
– The Tropical Andes are categorizes as one of the most biologically diverse zones on the planet.
– The Mediterranean Basin is the hotspot with the largest extension in Europe.
– Madagascar is the exclusive habitat of lemurs.