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The Plantae Kingdom
– All plants go through the important process of photosynthesis.
– Plants are grouped into vascular and non-vascular according to the presence or absence of a nutrient transport system.

Extinction of plant species
– Among the main natural threats, we find plagues, forest fires, and some meteorological phenomena, such as hurricanes, droughts and flooding.
– Human activities that affect plants are habitat destruction and the illegal commercialization of species, among others.

Endangered plants
– Central and South America, central and western Africa and Southeast Asia are some of the regions where plant species are most threatened.
– Cycas are ancestral plants that are classified as Critically Endangered.
– Illegal commercialization of species is the main threat to the survival of the the cactaceae family.

Conservation initiatives
– Seed banks are storage centers for the seeds of various plants species, with the purpose of preserving them.
– Botanical gardens are places where diverse plant species are classified and maintained, with the objectives of research, conservation and tourism.