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1.- Which women stood out for their work in education?

a) Amanda Labarca and Mercedes Marin del Solar
b) Mercedes Marin del Solar and Delia Matte
c) Amanda Labarca and Irma Salas
d) Delia Matte and Irma Salas

Correct response: c

2.- What kept the Quintrala from paying for her crimes?

a) her aristocratic family’s infl uence
b) the lack of evidence against her
c) her death before trial
d) her close relationship with the Catholic church

Correct response: a

3.- What characterized Juana Fernandez Solar and Laura Vicuña as well?

a) they both enjoyed an excellent economic situation
b) they both died young
c) they both belonged to a religious order
d) they were both excellent students

Correct response: b

4.- What was Elena Caffarena and Maria de la Cruz’s main struggle?

a) to achieve a spot in Parliament
b) workers’ rights
c) equal rights between men and women
d) the defense of the environment

Correct response: c

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