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1.- Which is the comuna with the largest surface area in the region?

a) Lolol
b) Machali
c) Rancagua
d) San Fernando

Correct response: b

2.- What particular trait does the El Teniente mine have?

a) it is the largest and the one with the most workers
b) it the one that produces the most copper nationwide
c) it is the most important division of Codelco
d) it is the world’s largest underground mine

Correct response: d

3.- Which of these museums is located in the region of O’Higgins?

a) Museo de la Solidaridad (Solidarity Museum)
b) Museo de Colchagua (Colchagua Museum)
c) Museo O’Higginiano (O’Higgins Museum)
d) None of the above

Correct response: b

4.- In which small coastal town do they make sea salt the old fashioned way?

a) Marchigüe
b) Lolol
c) Cahuil
d) Bucalemu

Correct response: c

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