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1.- What is the name of the comuna (county) found in this region, which was created in 2004?

a) Mamiña
b) Alto Hospicio
c) Huara
d) Tamarugal

Correct response: b

2.- What does ZOFRI stand for?

a) Zona de Franquicias de Iquique (Iquique Franchise Zone)
b) Zona de Finanzas de Iquique (Iquique Finance Zone)
c) Zona Franca de Iquique (Iquique Free Trade Zone)
d) Zona Franca de la Región de Iquique (Free Trade Zone of the Region of Iquique)

Correct response: c

3.- What World Heritage Site is located near Iquique?

a) Pintados Saltpan
b) Humberstone and Santa Laura saltpeter works
c) Hillside where the Atacama giant is found
d) The town of Mamiña

Correct response: b

4.- What characterizes the populations of Huara, Camiña and Colchane?

a) Their inhabitants only live in urban sectors
b) Most of them are descendents from foreigners
c) They all work at the Zofri
d) Their inhabitants only live in rural sectors

Correct response: d

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