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1.- During which period was Andres Bello chancellor of the Universidad de Chile?

a) From 1843 until 1857
b) From 1842 until 1865
c) From 1839 until 1863
d) From 1853 until 1866

Correct response: b

2.- Who founded the Academy of Painting and Sculpting of Santiago?

a) Mauricio Rugendas
b) Raimond Quinsac Monvoisin
c) Thomas Somerscales
d) Alejandro Cicarelli

Correct response: d

3.- Federico Johow was the director of which educational establishment

a) Instituto Pedagogico (Pedagogical Institute)
b) Instituto Nacional (National Institute)
c) Universidad de Chile (University of Chile)
d) Liceo de Aplicación (Application Public School)

Correct response: a

4.- What did French doctor Lorenzo Sazie use for the first time in Chile?

a) Local anesthesia
b) General anesthesia
c) Scalpel
d) Penicillin

Correct response: b

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