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1.- Who had irreconcilable differences during the times of national Independence?

a) Bernardo O’Higgins and Manuel Rodriguez
b) Manuel Rodríguez and Galvarino Riveros
c) Bernardo O’Higgins and Jose de San Martin
d) Bernardo O’Higgins and Pedro Ramon Arriagada

Correct response: a

2.- Which was the main tool used by Lautaro to defeat the Spanish?

a) strength
b) his skill with a sword
c) his observation of their forces and their weaknesses
d) the friendship he had established with some of the Spanish.

Correct response: c

3.- What degree did Arturo Prat earn parallel to his naval career?

a) Merchant marine
b) Lawyer
c) Commander

d) Governor of Valparaiso

Correct response: b

4.- In which important confrontation of the Pacific war did Arturo Perez Canto and Julio Montt lose their lives?

a) the battle of Tarapaca

b) the naval battle of Iquique
c) the battle of La Concepcion
d) the taking of the morro de Arica (Arica hill)

Correct response: c

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