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1.- What is the name given to the two mountain chains that spring from the Andes mountains range in this zone of the country?

a) Domeyko and Choapa mountain ranges
b) Doña Rosa and Doña Ana mountain ranges
c) Elqui, Limari and Choapa mountain ranges
d) Doña Rosa and Limari mountain ranges

Correct response: b

2.- What is the name of the urban growth phenomenon that relates the cities of Coquimbo and La Serena?

a) Densification
b) Demographic explosion
c) Conurbation
d) Vertical growth

Correct response: c

3.- Which important astronomy observatories are located in the region of Coquimbo?

a) Mamalluca
b) Tololo
c) La Silla
d) all of the above

Correct response: d

4.- In which city of the region of Coquimbo was Gabriela Mistral born?

a) Andacollo
b) Ovalle
c) Vicuña
d) La Serena

Correct response: c


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