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Take this simple test on the history of Chile in English.

Chilean history test in English

1.- ¿Which was the ideological doctrine that guided the country’s fortune between the years 1861 and 1891?

a) authoritarianism
b) paternalism
c) liberalism
d) mercantilism

Correct response: c

2.- ¿What important facts explain our country’s territorial expansion during the Liberal Republic?

a) the occupation of the Araucania, the Pacific war and the colonization of the south.
b) the establishment of borders with Argentina and Pacific war.
c) the occupation of the Araucania and the establishment of borders with Argentina.
d) the establishment of saltpeter works up north and colonization of the south.

Correct response: a

3.- The Pacific war’s longest lasting campaign was:

a) the campaign of Tarapaca
b) the campaigns of Tacna and Arica
c) the maritime campaign
d) the campaign of the Sierra

Correct response: d

4.- The most important economic consequence for our country after the end of the Pacific war was:

a) the beginning of a great banking crisis
b) the rise of overproduction problems
c) the immense saltpeter wealth fell into Chilean hands
d) the increase in silver production

Correct response: c