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In the eight chapter of the Great Encyclopedia of Chile, we have gotten to know the main characteristics and events of the presidential era.

The beginning of presidentialism and anarchy

– The constitution of 1925 laid the foundations for presidentialism in Chile.
– During 1931 and 1932, the reigns of the country were in the hands of different people and government juntas (assemblies), creating great instability. It was called the period of political anarchy.

Radical governments

– Aguirre Cerda was the first radical ruler. His motto was «governing is educating».
– Among the companies creating during Juan Antonio Rios’s rule are the National Electricity Company (Endesa) and the Pacific Steel Company (CAP).
– During Gonzalez Videla’s government, the Communist party was striped of their legal status and their members were removed from electoral records.

Independent and revolutionary governments

– Independent governments from halfway through the XX century include Carlos Ibañez del Campo and Jorge Alessandri Rodriguez.
– Frei Montalva’s government’s two most important projects were the Agrarian Reform and the Chilenization of copper.

Military Dictatorship and the return of democracy

– The military overthrew president Allende and imposed a military dictatorship. In 1974, Augusto Pinochet was designated president of the republic.
– The first ruler after the return of democracy was Patricio Aylwin.