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In the tenth chapter of the Great Encyclopedia of Chile we have gotten to know the life and work of noteworthy people that devoted their lives to different artistic disciplines.

Great Poets

– Gabriela Mistral was a teacher and diplomat, but she is known worldwide for her poetry work, which earned her the Nobel Prize for literature. This distinction was also received by another Chilean, Pablo Neruda.
– Vicente Huidobro is considered the father of Creationism and one of the most revolutionary poets of the XX century.
– Pablo de Rokha and Nicanor Parra received the National Literature Award in 196 and 1969, respectively.

Storytellers and novelists

– Marta Brunet and Maria Luisa Bombal were two standout storytellers. Brunet adhered to the criollismo trend (later, she had oniric influences), and Bombal worked around surrealist themes and styles.
– In his book Sub Terra, Baldomero Lillo portrayed the hard life of the coal miners, and in Sub Sole, he described the peasant world.
– With his novel Coronacion (Coronation, 1957), Jose Donoso consolidated his international fame.

Other artists

– Nemesio Antunez and Roberto Matta were cutting edge painters that tried diverse themes and techniques.
– Claudio Arrau is considered one of the greatest pianists of the last century.