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El Chonchón

– It is a wizzard that has the power of detaching from his body and flying using only his head, from where two enormous ears come out as wings. It goes to the house of ill people and waits for them to be weak enough  to defeat their spirirt and then suck their blood.
– People can recognize it for its horrible caws, that are heard as a «tue,tue, tue, tue».

1. What does the Chonchon announce?
2. What form does the wizzard take on?

Regions of the Central Zone of Chile

– The Valparaiso Region is divided into seven provinces for administrative reasons.
– The Capital of the Metropolitan Region and of the country is Santiago.
– The O’Higgins Region limits to the north with the Metropolitan Region and the Valparaiso Region, to the south with the Maule Region, to the east with Argentina and to the west with the Pacific Ocean.
– The Maule Region has a surface of 30,296,1 km2

1. How many provinces is the Valparaiso Region divided into?
2.Which is the capital of the Metropolitan Region?

What is the surface zone of the Maule Region?

Physical Geography and popular traditions

– Easter Island is volcanic in its origin and has soft undulations and straight cliffs in some edges that end in the sea.
– The island has a mostly rainy tropical weather
– From its origin, the Rapa Nui people have carried ancestral rites and ceremonias. Among the most important are the Ceremonies of the Birdman, the Aringa ora or Koro and the Tapati.

1. How is the geography in Easter Island?
2. Which are the best known ceremonies in the island?