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Ya que aprendiste el vocabulario básico de las actividades que haces a diario, ahora vas a realizar el siguiente ejercicio. Completarás los cuadros en blanco con las palabras que correspondan. Para que no sea tan difícil, lee primero el siguiente texto:


 I get up everyday at six o clock, Then I have a shower,
after that, I have breakfast and go out to take the bus for go class.

I finish my classes at twelve o clock, then I have luch at the School’s Restaurant.
At two pm, I go to study to the library, then at five pm I go home.

At home I watch television one hour, Then I have dinner. After that,
I play at the computer and finally at ten pm I go to sleep.


Ahora, completa el texto con las siguientes palabras. Algunas se utilizan más de una vez: eat, drink, finish, get (x2), go(x2), have(x3), leave, listen, play, read, start, watch.

On Fridays, Manuel  up at 6.30 and a shower. He dressed and breakfast. He a piece of toast and a cup of black coffee. He home at 7.30 and to work by car. He work at 9.00. He lunch in a little restaurant near the bank. He work at 16 o’clock in the afternoon. After work, he football with his friends. In the evenings, he TV, the magazine and to rock music. He to bed at 10 o’clock.