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America is bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean; to the northwest by the Bering Strait which separates it from Asia and ends at Cape Horn in the south, and is limited by the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans to the east and west respectively.

Most of this continent is located in the Northern Hemisphere. The main mountain chains in the Americas are the Rocky Mountains or Rockies, the Mesoamerican mountains and the Andes. The climate is very varied: tropical, subtropical; temperate, dry, Mediterranean, mountainous, steppe, cold continental and polar, among others.

America’s hydrography consists of many river basins and vast lakes. The largest river in North America is the Mississippi River with a length of 3,779 km. The Amazon River in South America is the world’s largest, as it carries more water than any other river. In North America there are many important lakes, such as Lake Michigan, Ontario and Chapala. In Central America there is Lake Gatun and in the Andean high plateau (South America), Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, lies at 3,180 meters above sea level.


The Americas have a population of 879,700,000 inhabitants spread over an area of 42,974,372 km2. The majority of its inhabitants live in the United States (297 million), Brazil (180 million) and Mexico (104 million). The United States and Canada are the most developed countries in the industrial and services sectors, while most of Latin America is underdeveloped and very dependent economically.

Some of the continent’s main natural resources include abundant energy sources, such as hydraulic energy and gas and, to a lesser extent, petroleum. There are also significant mineral deposits of coal, copper, zinc, iron, tin, lead and silver. Finally, agriculture and livestock sectors also play a vital role, in which the production of cereals such as wheat and maize is important, as well as the breeding of cattle, sheep and horses.

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